Carolyn Clarke launches her field campaign for the Fire Board
On Saturday afternoon, Menlo Park Commissioner Carolyn Clarke
launched her field campaign for Menlo Park Fire Protection District.

Menlo Park, CA, Sept. 14, 2013
On Saturday afternoon
, Carolyn Clarke
launched her field campaign for an open seat on the Menlo Park Fire Protection District. Friends and neighbors came together at Carolyn's campaign headquarters to organize precinct packets that volunteers will use when walking door-to-door to distribute literature.

Carolyn's campaign has been picking up a lot of momentum in recent weeks. Senator Jerry Hill, State Assembly members Rich Gordon and Kevin Mullin have all endorsed her. San Mateo County Supervisors Warren Slocum, Carole Groom are supporters, as well as Board of Supervisors President and Former San Mateo County Sheriff Don Horsley. She has also been endorsed by several former mayors and council members from cities within the district. Carolyn is also honored to have the support of Menlo Park Fire Protection District director Rob Silano and Menlo Park Fire Protection District Vice President Jack Nelson.

"The support I've received from friends and neighbors in the community is awesome", said Clarke. "I enjoy talking with voters to hear their concerns, and I'm thrilled to get my field campaign launched so early in the election season."

After moving to San Mateo County 30 years ago to work at Stanford University, Ms. Clarke founded and led various nonprofits focused on improving local education, alleviating poverty and protecting the environment. Ms. Clarke was recently appointed to the San Mateo County, Measure A Oversight Committee. She is also currently a Menlo Park Housing Commissioner and Menlo Park Housing Element Steering Committee Member.

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